Why Are All These Paracord Colors So Popular These Days?

Paracord makes a spark today with outdoor fans and clothing designers. With attractive weaving and or weaving of some designs that are so easy to extremely complicated that are being created from so-called "survival cables" all over the world.

The Paracord itself is a super-strong, compact and lightweight cable. Its main use at first was to safely attach parachutes and paratroopers' backpacks while guiding them calmly and safely back to the ground. It must be light, strong and easy to cut if needed. If you are looking for nylon paracord then visit www.theparacordstore.com/nylon-paracord-tack.html.

Commercial vendors have jumped on current and popular trends and produced them in various colors and color patterns. It is commonly called Paracord 550 today which refers to tensile strength at 550 lbs.

The military weaves into the original version of a yellow and black strand identifier that signifies you get the best, certified tensile strength, and is made in the ASA paracord type. The commercially produced version is very similar but not through the same military certification for strength and endurance.

N.A.S.A has even used it above our atmosphere to help repair the Hubble Space Telescope. The paracord sheath contains this inner string, unique and popular because it is cheap and once again lightweight but very powerful. It also dries very quickly and even deep strands or "guts" can be used if finer strands are needed, say for fishing for those who survive between us and even sew.

Because paracord is so powerful but so light and easy to handle, paracord has been used for countless tasks, beyond what the military needs. For outdoor enthusiasts, it is easy to carry and will dry quickly.