When You Need Bank Statements To Apply For the Russian Visa

Applying for a visa is generally a complex and perplexing thing; this guide will explain a couple of points regarding bank statements along with other supporting files you might have to supply to acquire a visa for Russia.

Supporting documents to get a Russian visa might vary greatly. It is dependent upon your nationality, whether you maintain a UK residence permit, and on the kind of employment, you’re involved in.

All you must submit to get a tourist visa for Russia, by way of instance, is the signed and completed visa application form, 1 photograph, valid passport together with two blank pages and tourist coupon.

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Should you hold an EU passport and live in the UK you need to verify you have been a UK resident for more than 3 weeks. This is only one of those criteria that have to be observed to get a visa. Among the techniques to validate your residency is to receive a residence card in the Home Office. If you don’t have sufficient time to organize this, then there are two other methods of doing this out. The very first one is the employment letter. You’re able to offer a letter which confirms you have been working and residing in the United Kingdom for three or more weeks prior to making a visa application. The second one is for all those that are self-employed and can’t supply a business letter. That is when you want your bank statement for the past 3 months, revealing your entire name along with your current UK address. You can get more detail about Russian visa support online via https://www.rusvisaonline.com/.

Only 1 part of the evidence is sufficient – you can bring a college letter or 3 month bank statements.

If you remained at the United Kingdom for over three weeks, or you also can not prove you have lived here for more than three weeks, you’ll need to apply for a Russian visa in your home state.

The solution will be favorable if you’re employed, however, if you’re self-employed, you’re supposed to reveal at least 100 pounds for every day of your stay in Russia in your bank accounts.