What is Chi running?

In recent years runners have been paying a lot more attention to what has been come known as the 'running form', which is really the technique by which they run. Interest has been paid to the foot strike pattern, the function of the hips and the core and how that might affect how the knee and leg moves when running. A lot of attention has also been given to how the running shoe may affect the running technique. There are many many different running techniques, most of them claiming to be the best, which simply cant be true. There are even cult like behaviours around different running techniques. The actual evidence on the best way to run is lacking, with no one technique being shown to be better than any other. The best technique for any one particular runner is not going to be the best technique for the next runner. The best way to run is going to be what suits that particular individual. One of the more popular techniques is what is big come known as Chi running which is a commercial brand and there is a business associated with it. Chi running tends to use more of a midfoot strike than the more common in traditional heel strike pattern. It also tends to use a much shorter stride that turn the legs over faster. There are also tends to be a wider base of gait than the more traditional running techniques. A lot of claims get made for the benefits of Chi running such as improved economy and less injuries. The actual scientific evidence does not support these claims and show that Chi running is no better than any other running technique when it comes to running economy and injury rates, but that does not stop those who supported from making the claims.