The Style and Grace of Pearl Earrings

Pearls have been a symbol of elegance and grace for centuries. Although white pearl jewelry is a classic choice, black pearls are beautiful and modern. Getting black pearl earrings is a good way to start your young pearl collection.

The black version of this classic jewelry is historically very rare. They are produced naturally by oysters and are used to make precious rare jewelry before the appearance of cultured pearls. Especially from Tahiti came black-lipped oysters and their contents were far more valuable because of the smaller output. You can buy the best pearl earrings through MishaHawaii.

Some black Tahiti pearl earrings or Tahiti black pearl necklaces will make a beautiful gift for a special occasion and will only enhance any woman's beauty. They might be a bit expensive, but you get really good jewelry.

If you want more affordable necklaces and earrings made of this precious black ball, cultured freshwater pearls are the way to do it. Earrings or buttons are usually made of one or several pearls, depending on whether you prefer more careful jewelry, or you prefer larger jewelry.

You can't really wear black pearl earrings with other types of jewelry, so if you also want to wear a necklace, choose a pearl necklace made from this small black nacre ball. This combination is truly elegant and will show off your style.

What makes dark pearls so beautiful and unique is that they cannot be mass-produced. The cultivation process is not always successful because oysters are sensitive to many factors, such as climate and water conditions. China is the largest pearl producer which is cultivated in freshwater.

There are two ways of cultivating pearls. One way is to implant beads into the shell, and get one pearl at a time. Another way is to implant up to 25 grafts in a seashell coat and get freshwater pearls without black beads.