How Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

Baby powder is made from talc, which is a mineral primarily comprised of potassium, oxygen, and silicon. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claim talcum powder goods contain asbestos and caused by their ovarian cancer. To know more you can read talcum powder lawsuit news blogs online.

When talc is floor to make baby powder, then the mineral absorbs moisture and reduces puffiness. These properties create talc a widely used element in personal hygiene products and cosmetic products, as well as several other consumer products.

The problem is this: when talcum powder is used on the genitals, talc particles can quickly migrate from your internal part to the uterus, where they remain trapped. These trapped talc particles trigger inflammation, which may result in the development of cancer cells.

She used baby powder for about 30 years as part of her personal feminine hygiene regimen. As the trial proceeded, a Johnson & Johnson attorney declared at one stage the company was aware of the connection between ovarian cancer and talcum powder, but seen the possible health risk as insignificant and determined it wasn't necessary to warn users of the possible danger.

Lawyers understand that many of you have suffered devastating physical, psychological, and financial losses due to your cancer diagnosis. In an attempt to make certain you get the personal attention you deserve, our company is exclusively submitting individual baby powder suits.

We feel that this course of action will optimize compensation for our clients and deliver a very clear message to infant powder manufacturers, like Johnson & Johnson, that failing to inform consumers about the hazards of these products will not be tolerated.

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