Cannabis Flour and Its Uses

Cannaflour is very simple to make and as handy as canna-butter. Also, it significantly reduces the smell when making delicacies and other baked goods. Take a look at our great simple recipe!

Cannabis flour is a core staple of cooking with marijuana. Perfect the art, and you’ll have potent “fairy dust” to scatter into all your recipes. Like canna butter, cannaflour is quite simple to make.

The benefits? You obtain actual canna-bang for your money without the intense smell of canna-butter. The negatives? There’s actual ganja aftertaste in baked goods with this flour. If you want to get more knowledge about marijuana edibles and recipes, you can refer to¬†

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The fantastic news is that once mastered, there aren’t any rules. It is possible to include cannaflour to any other recipe. It is going to keep, if properly preserved, for months. Always, try to put not more than 1/4 of the flour in your recipes with cannaflour. Keep in mind, whenever edibles are included, less is more.

To make your cannaflour well, the cannabis must be ground and decarboxylated professionally.

How to make Cannaflour

Prepping and keeping your cannaflour is extremely essential. The cannabis needs to be as dry as possible to prevent mold growth during storage. It’s also essential to remove seeds and stems before starting. But, leaving them in the combination can produce your recipe taste very sour.

How to use Cannaflour

There are two ways to use and store cannaflour. One is always to retain the cannabis separate from flour until use within the authentic recipe. Other people involve mixing the cannabis and flour together before storage.