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Taxotere Class Action means the legal suit or claim filed by people who have suffered side effects which are caused by the use of Taxotere. Taxotere is a marketed treatment for hair loss for breast cancer patient. Earlier, for breast cancer treatment of female, another drug Taxol was used which was later on replaced by Taxotere drug. Both these drugs contain active content of finasteride. Click here for more information about Taxotere hair loss lawsuits.

Taxotere Class Action - Legal Claim For Side Effects

Though the drug is an effective cure for male baldness, yet it comes along with many side effects which are caused by consumption of 1mg of this drug every day as required for the treatment of baldness.

Various clinical studies have revealed that a number of men have started suffering certain negative effects like - decreased libido or drive,  dysfunction (impotence),  disorders etc. while using this drug.

Some women have also found to be suffering from other side effects like depression, anxiety etc. These side effects also continue even after discontinuing the medication.

The term class action means the lawsuit filed by one or more plaintiffs on the behalf of others who have a common legal claim.  

The usage of Taxotere by the female for the purpose of removing baldness have increased rapidly which has created a large number of mental and physical side effects over these people which continued even after discontinuing the medication, which was not informed them in the prescribing information of usage of this drug.