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Mobile work platforms are important pieces of equipment in the construction industry and are essential to their operations. However, before purchasing them, several things need to be considered. Here are some tips to assist you in this decision so you can make the most out of your purchase.


  • Type of platform

Mobile elevated working platforms come in four major types, Static boom, static Vertical, mobile vertical and mobile boom. These vary based on their usage, with some moving vertically, some horizontally and others moving in both directions.

  • Usage

The usage of the elevated work platform is perhaps the most important consideration in the purchase decision. For indoor applications, the elevated platform may not require as much height, while for outdoor applications, such as construction sites, require greater height. Furthermore, risk assessments also need to be carried out to ensure safety.

  • Ground conditions

It is required that the ground conditions for the elevated mobile work platforms are carefully examined. This means that it should be checked whether the surfaces for operation are stable enough, and to take into account the weather conditions, such as the amount of rain, snow and the temperatures that it may face.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance costs as well as costs of repairing and ease of availability of spare parts is also an important consideration when purchasing a mobile platform, as often these running costs may exceed usage, making the equipment unfeasible to invest in. Moreover, it is better therefore to buy from local retailers providing services for these products as well.

Use these tips and make the best use of your capital by making a suitable purchase decision.