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Hunting season is coming up and I couldn’t be more ready. I’ve been hunting almost every year and have ever since I went with my father when I was a teenager. We had a lot of fun and a lot of trophies over the years and I wanted to learn everything from him.

I wondered why we had such great results in the woods that we went to, but he didn’t tell me about it until I was a bit older. Apparently, he used an ozone generator to get our scent out of our clothes and equipment.

The thing about ozone generators is that it removes all the odors from your clothes and equipment. Whenever you’re hunting, it cleans the downwind air of your body’s smell. Animals will know that you’re around if you don’t deodorize your clothes and gear. That doesn’t mean that deodorant or detergent will help, considering these flowery smells are also signs that danger is around.

Animals are a lot smarter than you think and the smallest sign of danger will send them running. Getting the best ozone generator should be a top priority for you whenever you’re going out to hunt. With removing these natural smells from your clothes, you will find that you’ve got a much bigger chance to nab that big buck you’re looking for.