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Hibiki Harmony Master’s Select is a duty-free (aka “global travel retail”) special release of Hibiki Harmonyblended whisky. Unlike some Japanese special-edition “travel exclusives” – which are simply re-labelled and marked-up versions of standard bottlings – Master’s Select is actually a different blend than the regular Harmony. You can enjoy honey-smooth yet complex Japanese whiskies from https://ippin.com.sg/category/food_drinks/sake_shochu/japanese_whisky.

Even though japan whiskey brings its inspiration by the Scotch they put in a bit of these imagination to provide their whiskey a one of a kind and much more subtle taste.  Suntory and Nikka would be the top distillers of world class whiskeys in Japan. The demonstration of this Nikka single-malt Yoichi is completed with a little their brand's personality.

The nose has been deliberating because it opens using lemon, apples, and apples, since the odor hastens you texture light smoke, fresh mint, as well as summit.  Additionally, the desktop has been light and salt spices odor.

The palate is much more distinguishing using peat more outstanding, and fruity flavours with mild spices balance the taste of each and every and every ingredient.   A neutral, slick feeling characterizes the stunning finish making a taste of mint and lavender into your own mouth.

The Yoichi Single-malt comes with an ABV Assortment of 4-5 %.  Nothing appears classy and complicated such as a glass of a award winning whiskey on a costly dining table.  The Suntory power-house may be your distillers with the gold beverage that acquired the best-blended whiskey at the coveted Globe Whiskey Awards.


The stronger woody nature and also usage of Yamazaki sherry casks in special -- have been highlighted in Suntory promotional substances, at a clear effort to grow the cachet of Hibiki Master's Select.  Much like routine Harmony, there isn't any age announcement, and it's bottled at 43 percent ABV.I purchased a jar in ancient 20-16, but just opened it.

I paid only a little over $100 CAD during that time (available), that has been roughly precisely the exact same price as ordinary Harmony Herein Canada.  I've been a major fan of those elderly Hibiki age-statement expressions (notably the Hibiki 17yo), and'm relatively convinced on the no-age-statement long term saying -- but it will not fare too among many reviewers.   I had been curious to learn how this Master's Select edition of Harmony could compare.

The Hibiki is just a combination of whiskey obsolete in five distinct casks including American white pine, sherry, and also a rare Japanese timber- Mizunara.  The lively mix attracts a exceptional palate.  Deep tastes of bamboo, accompanied closely by floral and also the delicate combination of citrus and orange elegance that the palate.

This whiskey takes a different approach from most of the top Japanese whiskeys. And this is because it draws its inspiration from the American whiskeys. The cinnamon spice, vanilla bean, and charred oak characterize the palate. The finish is a smooth, creamy corn that is quite lasting.