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Traditionally the principal kind of diversification that traders rely on would be to divide their money between stocks and government bonds, which are usually called treasuries or gilts. When stock markets collapse investors frequently seek out security and push up the cost of bonds.

Likewise when stock markets rush forward afterward lots of investors move their money from bonds and into stocks.

Property is generally considered as a sort of advantage that fits somewhere between bonds and stocks because it has some attributes of both. Property costs usually fall or rise more gradually than those of shares do. This volatility, because it's called, is nevertheless higher than it might normally be for bonds.

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In precisely the exact same time investments in land generally create a yearly income, normally called return, which is greater than both that generated by stocks and bonds. These attributes usually encourage many professional investors to set a part of the cash which they handle in to property.

Despite its popularity it has been shown to be quite a risky approach with substantial quantities of individuals having lost their investments within the previous two years because land costs and average rents have diminished.