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How to Keep Your Divorce Civil

Divorce, whether a mutual decision or a surprise dropped on you by your partner, is always hard. While the end goal in most cases is an amicable divorce, it can be difficult to keep this in mind during the proceedings. In this article, we will focus on no-fault divorces, and some tips on how to keep your divorce civil. 

Tips on Keeping Your Divorce Amicable

Keep Fairness in Mind

amicable divorceWhen getting a no-fault divorce, the best way to keep the divorce amicable is to focus on keeping things fair. This is not always going to be easy. It is always easier to see our own perspective on the matter, especially if there are years of resentment stopping you from seeing your ex-partners side of things. However, if you want an amicable divorce, try to set aside the feelings that lead to a divorce and look at things in an unemotional and logical mindset. This will help you to see what is fair in terms of asset division and child custody.  If you approach your divorce in this frame of mind, most of the times your ex will see that and try to do the same.

Be Open to Communication

During your relationship, you may have had a hard time properly communicating with your partner, so this step may also be difficult. The best way to look at this as a final chance to understand each other. Regardless of where the relationship ended up, at some point, you both cared about the other person's feelings and opinions. Try to channel this during your divorce and truly listen to your partner, and share your thoughts honestly as well. The end goal of this will be closure for both of you, and perhaps an understanding of what you need to work on in the future, and what you actually need in a partner. Speaking honestly to each other can help you reach resolutions faster and leave you both able to continue to work with each other if need be.


Resentment and anger build up, and during a divorce, these feelings can really prevent an amicable resolution.  These feelings can also prevent you from moving on and getting past the relationship. Try to focus on forgiveness.  You have already decided to end the relationship, there is no real reason to continue to hold on to the all the misgivings. 

This can also mean forgiving yourself. If you are a person more likely to take the blame than to give it, learn to let go of these emotions. They will hold you back in your future relationships and will prevent you from moving on properly. 


While the end of a marriage is always hard, there are ways to minimize the conflict during this time. Focus on listening and empathy, and having an amicable divorce will not be out of reach. 

Finding a divorce attorney for guys is somewhat tougher than finding one for ladies. Traditionally, girls win in divorce cases, but that is changing. More guys are taking the opportunity to get the appropriate attorney that may win the situation for them.

Lawyers will need to understand well the divorce laws to your state. There are a few judges who are still firmly entrenched in the previous age where girls are the victims in divorce, and this also makes it tougher for guys to win the divorce.

A rising number of men are prepared to struggle for their rights as parents, and maintain their private property also.

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You can also experience men's divorce lawyers in Michigan, a divorce attorney that will help you win the divorce fair and square.

Though some might have a look at this and think that it's unfair, it is not. There's nothing honest about that. There's nothing worse than walking to court to maintain the things you want using a "snake" of an attorney representing you. If the judge does not honor your attorney, odds are that he will not respect you.

You also need your lawyer to get some expertise with your individual circumstance. It might not be as awful as another, but an attorney that seems missing in court is equally possible to shed.

What are Few of the Tax Consequences of Division of Property Separating Couples Need to Understand?

You need to be aware of tax issues that come up at the time of divorce. Such issues will usually arise if there is property to be divided between the both of you. To avoid these tax implications and to select the best course of action it would be necessary for you to consult an experienced boutique law firm,  as well as discuss all relevant details with a competent tax advisor.

Let us look at some tax issues that you need to be aware of.

Divorce and Its Tax Implications

Registered and Non Registered Assets

boutique law firmAt the time of divorce you need to consult a boutique law firm to understand how these assets are to be divided. For instance, if a couple have some RRSPs and a house there is the option of one spouse keeping the house by paying other spouse for his or her share. In that case it would be necessary to let the other spouse have the RRSPs. 

This type of strategy will be useful in situations where the values of the RRSPs are lower than half the cost your house.

Tax Considerations

 At the time this decision is taken it would be necessary to examine your financial goals. For instance, you need to have clear idea about how these RRSPs are to be used, such as at the time of retirement or before.In case the spouse intends to utilize RRSPs well before retirement (to buy a new home for example), then it will be necessary to consult a tax advisor to understand tax consequences of early withdrawal of funds from plan. If there would be negative tax implications then you need to advice your  boutique law firm to create separation agreement in such a way that some other format for division of assets can be planned.

It is worth mentioning here that it is possible to transfer funds from one spouse to another through tax free rollover. Such rollover can be useful in situations where the value of RRSPs help by one spouse is a lot more than what other spouse is holding, and helps in equalizing the equation at the time of divorce.

Support Payments

You need to be aware of the fact that payments made with respect to child support are generally not tax-deductible for spouse making the payments. Similarly, these payments are not taxable for spouse receiving such payments. However, there are tax implications for spousal support.

Tax Considerations

If a payer consents to pay for certain expenditures in lieu of spousal support, there may be some negative tax consequences since regulatory bodies will not consider such arrangement to be adhering to what they consider actual support payments. In this case you would not be eligible for spousal support tax deductions


As we can see there are several complex details to look into and by appointing an experienced boutique law firm you can be sure that all relevant aspects would be taken care of in appropriate manner.