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DISC Assessment is a test which is being used for quite a while now to determine the actual ability of job applicants throughout the country. This taste is named after the initials of four important personality traits that are Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance. These tests help in determining whether the job applicant is feasible and right for the post which has vacancy. This test has been termed as the number one test to determine the personality trais of a person.



  • One of the most trusted and used test throughout.
  • This test can be easily molded or customized as per the situations, conditions and requirements.
  • The results and outputs of this test are more reliable than the alternative options to it.
  • It is also considered to be one of those tools that can be used for development and coaching.
  • Also if the interviewer is not much sure about what to ask the applicant the can go for this option always.
  • This test is cheap because minimum resources are required in it.


  • This test has n number of variations and not all variations are vetted which can result into inappropriate results.
  • Highly complex test requires the candidates to take special disc accreditation online training.
  • No study or theory has been able to prove the results of the test are related to the performance of the candidate.
  • A small blunder can enable the recruiter to hire the unfit candidate over the fit candidate for the vacant post.