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Most households today are familiar with upright vacuum cleaners. While they definitely have their strengths, they don't work well in homes with tight corners, stairs, and vaulted ceilings.

They may be ideal for the stay-at-home parent and for homes with smaller spans of carpeted areas, but they can be cumbersome to drag around from room to room except the lightweight models.

Canister vacuums come in bagged or bagless varieties, and the one you choose boils down to personal preference. Surprisingly, the majority of canister vacuum cleaners are quieter than their upright counterparts. Their smaller size, quieter operation, and versatile use make it an ideal appliance for individuals living in multi-story apartments or dorms.

The "Original" Vacuum

Up until upright cleaners were designed, canister vacuums were the "original" vacuums.  Many early vacuums were designed with a simple canister and hose. This simple design allowed canister vacuums to last longer than upright vacuum cleaners.

As two-story homes gained popularity, vacuuming the stairs and other nooks and crannies around the home was a feat in itself. Canister vacuums, however, provided a great solution. They were compact, easy to maneuver, and versatile enough to clean several different surfaces.

While today's modern canister vacuum cleaners are worlds apart from early versions, they're still great in homes where space is a premium, and excellent for homes with stairs, upholstery, and even hard floors.

Canister Vacuum Uses

If you have vaulted ceilings, a canister vacuum cleaner would be more useful than an upright in sweeping away spider cobwebs. Since they're generally lighter and more maneuverable, canister vacuums can reach vertical spaces more easily than uprights. If you have blinds that extend higher than 6', a canister vacuum can address your cleaning need with ease. This is due to their long hoses and extended poles, and, if necessary, they can be cradled in the crook of your arm to reach the tallest places possible.

Canister vacuums are also excellent for cleaning out your vehicles. Unlike uprights, a canister vacuum's hoses and nozzles feed directly into a dust container. You don't have to lug around a large upright vacuum to use its onboard tools like a canister can. Also, a canister vacuum typically has a longer hose so you can easily vacuum around sharp corners and underneath your car seats with ease.

They are also ideal for individuals suffering from arthritis. Best canister vacuum for allergies are very lightweight and require only pushing and pulling a hollow telescopic wand attachment. Most canister vacuums feature large pivoting wheels to assist you while cleaning, so transportation is easy and effortless.


Investing in a canister vacuum is a great idea because they can clean bare floors, drapes, upholstery, and underneath furniture many times better than upright vacuums. They also can maneuver around stairs with better accuracy and precision. They typically operate at quieter sound levels than upright vacuums and are also notorious for lasting long periods of time.

A vacuum cleaner can be a very useful and easy device to decontaminate the house. The latest models also assistance in cleaning upholstery, car interiors, wall membrane hangings etc. There are few features or maybe characteristics of vacuum cleaners that need to be checked before buying them.

Some cleaners contain a collecting bag and some without a bag. The bagless cleaners are expensive when compared with the former, due to the technology used in it. But it is compensated for the money that is spent buying collection bags to the bag type cleaners. Bagged models will be more hygienic, as the bags are use and throw types thin dust and mites do not get accumulated in the bag. You must read canister vacuum cleaners review online before buying any one.

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Another factor is the power required because of the cleaner to clean. The rule is how the higher the wattage, the more cost-effective and powerful the motor can be. It is better to use a cleaner of 1300 - 1400W electric power motor.

Filtration is also another cause of concern. This is of great importance to the asthma and allergy prone end users. There are basically three sorts of filtration, the standard, S-class / HEPA as well as the lifetime filtration process.

In short, whichever type of floor cleaners used, they are always useful and easy to use. A definite welcome and require, more than a luxury, in each and every household.