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Honeymoons are first for most people and hence, while booking one, they make a few errors or oversights, especially when it comes to booking island hotels for honeymoon. They are either end up paying more than required, or are unable to get additional specials and benefits most hotels have for honeymooning couples. Therefore, here some information that will help you know which is a great honeymoon hotel or resort worth booking.


Honeymoon Special Accommodations


Many hotels advertise this but only deck up simple rooms and pass off as honeymoon suites. Your island hotel should have a special honeymoon suite, equipped with multiple amenities, and possibly a view of the sea. They should be designed for privacy. The really good hotels even provide temperature controlled pools or hot tubs attached to the suite.


If you are booking a villa, obviously you are paying substantially more. Therefore, your villa should have features like concierge available 24/7, viewing deck, deck chairs, gas BBQ, dining area, decorations or sculptures

Special Complementary Additions

Just a simple thing like celebratory champagne, chocolates, roses on the bed or complementary tour packages like island tours, nature walks or water sport activities shows that a hotel is good, and cares for their guest honeymooners.

Though, it is not a compulsion for a hotel or resort to have everything mentioned above, but most of them should be there. You can also consider East Bedarra Island Resort specials as a sound comparison for honeymoon resorts.