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Thailand is an incredible place to plan your perfect vacation. With a flawless blend of remarkable beaches and incredible sunsets, with culture and traditions of this exotic country; Thailand never fails to inspire and thoroughly impress you.

Courtesy-Bravo TV

With the visit Thailand app, you can get all the guidelines that you need in order for you to thoroughly enjoy and indulge yourself in Thailand. Here are a few tips to plan your trip and visit all the places, adding to your remarkable and memorable life experiences:

1. When to go:

If you want to indulge in the beauty of this marvelous country thoroughly, you need to visit this place from November to March, when the monsoons are pretty much over and the heat of summers is gone. Although winters are very mild and pleasant in Thailand, they are also relatively inflated since a lot of tourists are visiting in these months.

2. The less inflated season:

Of course, the months between June and October are rainier than the rest of the year, yet they are the cheapest to visit. If you don’t mind a little rain and want to enjoy on a budget, these are your months to spend in Thailand.

3. Eat at the local spots:

There is no need to indulge you in fancy dining every day. You can easily save on a few bucks eating out with the locals, and the food is really delicious too.

4. Explore to the fullest:

You should know which places you want to explore. If you want to indulge in some beach time, go towards the south. If you want some forest excursions with trekking, especially in Chiang Mai, go towards the north. Go to Bangkok if you want to enjoy the nightlife with clubs and bars.

Thailand offers you a range of activities, so you can choose and compare and suggest others too.