Rethinking All Natural Fertilizer Structures

All natural fertilizers are a part of and increase the natural procedure of refilling the soil. Knowing the process is the primary step to effectively bring nature back to your garden and lawn.

Nature's system involves numerous procedures which have to replace missing and dissipated natural material, renewing bacterial development, turning and tilling topsoil, and recycling waste thing. You can also get info on greenhouse control computers via

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Basically, these procedures are interactive and interdependent.  20th Century pruning practices dispersed and split these procedures, replacing character's systems with artificial alternatives.

Recognizing the "artificial" solutions helps us know how to efficiently and effectively redirect our fertilizing methods into nature's way.  A simplified overview of this commercial fertilizing system is as follows:

  1. Employ synthetic/petroleum-based fertilizers apparently to replace "missing" potassium, magnesium, and potassium.
  2. until the floor to break up and soften the crusted soil.
  3. Apply herbicides to resist unwanted plant development.
  4. Apply pesticides to resist harmful pest invasions.
  5. Plant seeds genetically modified to withstand the herbicides along with the pesticides.
  6. Employ pH adjusting substances to compensate for the effect of the synthetic/petroleum-based fertilizers being implemented.

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