PR Better Than Advertising

People today have a tendency to confuse PR and advertising, but the reality is that they're quite different and while great advertising can bring your company lots of publicity, there´s nothing like good PR to give you that boost from the public eye. To get more info on PR services you can visit

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To begin with, you will need to understand that PR is public relations.  It´s policy that isn´t paid for in money, like advertising.  It requires far more effort to make good PR, but it's well worth it because this procedure is a lot more effective for publicizing your company.

The benefits of using PR are many, so let´s have a look at a couple of them. PR is generally free.  It could cost you in print out your press release and stamps to send them, but it´s still a great deal cheaper than advertising which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars!

No matter how much you pay for an advertisement, you´ll never get a major front page placement.  That´s reserved for information and offering great PR is a fantastic way to have that place for absolutely nothing.

People today know that advertisements are paid for and they take them with a grain of salt.  While a fantastic advertisement can still convert, individuals are automatically suspicious of an ad.

But with media coverage caused by PR, people won´t have their guard up.  They´ll read your story and be interested in it without being suspicious as it's supposed to be unbiased.

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