Overview of Intellisense technology in Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor

The Intellisense technology in Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor addressed two major issues and drives up the quality and accuracy percentage of the device as a result. Here is taking a look at these issues.

Optimal inflation levels: For taking blood pressure reading, the artery needs to be exposed and compressed at certain levels. Otherwise, it is not possible to gauge the pressure accurately. To achieve this, all blood pressure monitoring devices, inflate the cuff, which in turn compresses the artery to desired levels. The amount of inflation can vary from person to person, depending upon various physical and biological factors of the people. Sometimes, these factors can vary in the same person, from one reading to another. So, it is important to determine the correct amount of inflation for every blood pressure reading. Many a time, inaccurate results are obtained because of the variance in individual requirements for each reading. The Omron BP785 is able to eliminate this by effectively controlling the entire inflation process automatically. The Intellisense technology reads the individual requirements accurately and then proceeds to optimize the inflation automatically. This is done for every usage, so, even if there is a variance in the same individual, the device is able to optimize the inflation correctly.

Negating human influence: Blood pressure monitors are fairly complicated equipment and there are many activities that need direct or indirect user involvement. For example, the users need to place and position the cuff correctly, they will need to hold it properly for the entire duration of the process, they will need to inflate the cuff correctly, etc. Many of these functions are dependent on the expertise of the users. Sometimes, even the best of experts make mistakes, which can result in inaccurate results. The Intellisense monitor eliminates the human influence to a great extent because it can detect, optimize and ratify the inflation all on its own. It is thereby able to control many of the intangible influences that drive the inaccuracy upwards. Intellisense technology is an innovative and patented feature and Omron BP785 is the first equipment to use this technology. There are many other advanced models of Omron that also use the same technology for various other purposes but it is with Omron BP785 that it got popularized. There is a newer version of this blood pressure monitor with the model name Omron Hem-780 with some improvements. It is slightly more expensive than the bp785 model. But, it is said to be more accurate of the two.

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