Materials Used to Make Swimming Caps

The main purpose of wearing a swimming cap is to keep the swimmer’s hair dry. Pools have chlorinated water which helps in killing bacteria and any growth of algae. But it is not healthy for the skin or hair. So, it is preferable to wear swimsuits that provide with full coverage, especially for people who spend a lot of their time in a pool. These include professional swimmers, trainers, and coaches, etc. Moreover, a good quality swimming cap also helps in reducing drag during swimming.


Following are a few materials that are commonly used for manufacturing swimming caps:

1. Lycra Swim Caps

One of the most commonly used materials for making swimming caps is lycra. This material is used because it is stretchable so it does not move easily. Lycra caps are perfect for people with a sensitive scalp; however, your hair may not stay dry if you spend a lot of time in the pool. It does help in protecting your hair from UV rays though.

2. Latex Swim Caps

This is another popular choice for manufacturing swimming caps but unlike other materials it is relatively economical. Similar to lycra swim caps it remains stuck to the wearer’s head. It helps in reducing water resistance so it is often used by professional swimmers.

3. Silicone Swim Caps

As compared to other materials that are used for making swimming caps, silicone is more durable. Moreover, it is easier to use as it has a smooth and slick texture. It usually lasts for a long time and isatop choice amongst Olympics and competition swimmers.

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