Learning To Drive – Dealing With Traffic Lights In Thailand

Traffic lights are very typical in built-up areas and also are an incredibly efficient means to restrain the flow of traffic at intersections. They provide the people clear and simple directions concerning how to behave - that should proceed and who should stop.

Some learners have difficulties stopping in the ideal place. Do not forget that in case the light is already red as you plan, then you ought to prevent without passing the first point.

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Needless to say, at times the traces aren't to plainly marked but keep in your mind that the primary point is always before the traffic light on your left.

If the traffic lights are only changing against you when you approach, it will not matter too much if you merely pass the very first line until you stop, since you don`t want to be quitting too suddenly. But if you are going to pass the next lineup and also become in the middle of the intersection, you then ought not to be attempting to avoid anyway.

Approach the traffic lights in the proper gear if you're aspiring to show you should really be slowing to 2 and gear while you receive close as well as if you are intending to go directly, you should maintain no more than 3rd gear.

Whilst waiting in a red light it's advised to apply the handbrake, however - having checked you're initially gear-keep your left hand on the handbrake otherwise in case you've put it right back to the steering wheel it is very easy to forget to release the handbrake once you see the green light coming on!

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