How Often Should I Get Reflexology Treatments?

Many people that decide to try reflexology wonder how often they should recieve it. Perhaps they experienced results and are curious if they need to come back for the results to stay, or maybe they didn't experience any results beside their feet feeling better and want to know how often they need to schedule an appointment in order to feel a benefit. Unfortunately, the answer to the question isn't the same for everyone. We all are different, and the number of reflexology sessions needed to promote a certain health improvement won't be the same for each person.

Reflexology is not a treatment option to mask the problem. It works with the body's own healing process to correct the problem. This means that more serious problems can take longer to resolve than less serious problems. Also, the longer a person has had their health affliction, the more reflexology sessions it may take to experience a benefit. Visit to try reflexology in Tucson, AZ.

Another factor is the vitality of the person recieving reflexology. Those who have more vitality, generally respond quicker to reflexology than those with less vitality. Someone who is generally healthy who has suddenly come down with a sickness often requires less reflexology than someone else who has been unwell for years. This is because the latter person's vitality has been diminished because their body has been figthing poor health for years. 

Reflexology is not a cure or an instant fix. Rather, it is a way to promote the body's natural healing ability. When working with individuals with their own unique health history, each case will be different, so the amount of reflexology needed will be different as well. It takes time to get sick, and it takes time to get healthy. There are no shortcuts to health, but there are ways to make getting from sickness to health quicker. Reflexology is just one way to make the journey to wellness quicker.


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